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POF Message Limit

A single message could make a person interested towards you and might want to know you better. Messaging is an important factor in dating and POF understands that. But with that, it is required to follow the terms of POF while messaging as to stay inside the rules.

Four duplicate messages per day:

POF Message Limit

POF policy allows a person to send only 4 duplicate messages a day. If the same message is proceeded to be sent to more than 4 users, then the message access for that day will be blocked.

Intimate, Insulting messages:

If you send sexual, intimate or insulting messages to other users, the possibility of you getting banned by them will increase and you might not be able to message them back.

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Unnecessary links

If POF detects unnecessary and unwanted links to different websites, it might take action against it and will block the messaging ability of your profile.

“Free account” inbox limit

POF Message Limit

If you are a free user and your inbox is full, you won’t get any new messages in the inbox. To get more new messages, you either have to delete old, unwanted messages or upgrade to a paid user.

Paid users services

The messaging facility for paid users is much more facilitated with more services and security. The paid users have no inbox limit and can view if the message they sent has been viewed by the other user or not.

POF is very serious when it comes to following their privacy and policy. Actions will be taken towards people who do not run along those lines and might get revoked of their messaging ability or even get permanently banned.

As long as the policy set by POF is followed and the rules aren’t broken, your account won’t’ be targeted as a threat and you will be safe from any unwanted fuss and the fear of getting banned.

So, these were all about the POF Message Limit. If you have any confusion left, you may contact ur or you can comment us below.