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How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish Search Settings

Plenty of fish (POF) is a free online dating site which was launched in 2003 and it is very popular in the countries like USA, Australia and Canada and it is available in 9 different languages. In a POF we can search different compatible single people who are living in a close distance.

Change search settings on a plenty of fish

It is free to search the different single people in the plenty of fish. After the creation of the profile you will be asked to fill up many information about your marital status, your smoking habits, drinking habits, your current profession etc.  we can change search settings on a plenty of fish to find the better match for ourselves.

Basic search on a plenty of fish

  • To search the other pof users we can change search settings in the basic search
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • If you are searching for a people between 18 to 35 you have to vary the age gap by age 18 to 35.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • You can enter the intent to come into this site, what kind of body type you prefer of your partner and what educational qualification she must have all can be changed in the basic search.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • You can also choose the ethnicity, country, zone, city, postal code of your own likes to get the partner of your choice.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • Dating partner must be staying in a closer distance so you should choose the desired miles of your partner from the search settings.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish

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Advanced search on a plenty of fish

  • If we are not getting a good compatible partner just by the basic search we can go for the advanced search which will go for finer details of what kind of partner you really want.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • In advanced search we will get to know the dating partner better because it will ask information about appearances, behavior, preferences, family background etc.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • Height boundary, pets preference, family background, confidence level, profession, ambition in life, marital status can be filled to find the better dating partner.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • User can search on the basis of smoking and drinking habit, face and body appearances, income and personality.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • If you want know the your probable dating partner more you can fill about longest relationship, openness , income, signs, color or hair and eye and get the better option while the search.
  • After you fill all the details from the advanced search you can go for the fishing in the plenty of sea.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish

Hope you get the better fish from the plenty of fish after you change the search settings on plenty of fish.

Plenty of Fish Interest Search Function Steps

Plenty of Fish Interest Search Function Steps

POF is all about relationships and pof is always update time and again as research has shown that almost all successful relationships occur between users within that age range. The majority of messages sent outside those age ranges were from users looking for the hookups. For hookups on POF, you can enjoy the POF Interest Search Function as well.

In an Advanced Search feature you are allowed to search profiles by age range, Personality, profession Easygoingness, Drink, Drugs and so on or any details on a user’s profile. People interest, tastes differs from each other so they will search person by specific interest to find their perfect match.

Pof interest search function steps are as follows:

  • At first you need to use your browser for the logging the pof account. To login the POF account at first you need to type in a browser as pof.com or you can use google and search for the pof login to login the Pof account.

Pof Interest Search Function

  • You need to write your username/email and password in the textbox then you can click in login button or you can use this link as well for login https://www.pof.com/Account/LogOn?api=1
  • After logging the POF account you can click on “Search” button which is in the navigation bar of pof account in the top between the Meet Me and Online buttons.
  • After clicking in search button a new page will be open where there are three options of “Basic Search”, “Advance Search” and “Username Search” .
  • If you click in basic search you need to select all the basic search of people in drop down list as a male or female, their age range, profiles, ethnicity, body type, education level and so on.
  • After that you can click in “search” button which has blue color background and the text color is written with white one.
  • If you  Click on the “Advanced Search” tab there you need to choose the options in a drop down lists there you need to choose the attributes you wish to search for gender, profession, self-confidence, Family orientation, Personality, Easygoingness, Longest relationship, Intentions, Openness, Ambition, Marital status, Drinking, Drugs and many more.
  • After selecting all the answers as per your interest now you need to click on “Go Fishing” button as the background color of it is light green.
  • If you click in username search then you can search a person by their username in a pof account and click in the “Find user” button.
  • You can search your partner as per your choice and interest in it.

Pof site is constantly updating the site to better serve for all the user there was a direct link to search a people before but now it has been updated so now it have no any direct link to search a person by a specific interest and due to recent site changes, interests is no longer a search filter on Advanced Search. For that, you can go for POF Interest Search Function feature. Enjoy!

How To Search By Specific Interests On PlentyOfFish (POF) | POF Search

PlentyOfFish (POF) is the very popular dating site to find a match for singles. Here you can search a person with some search function which can help you search by specific interests. But now, if you go to POF Search Page then you will not find the specific search button or a place to enter the specific search. When there was specific search function, people were very happy to use the POF because they can have the match to find with same interests.

It can’t be said that people are unhappy with remove of specific interest search but they are much happy with the new Basic and Advance search (POF Search). But first, you will need to know about the basic and advance search both.

When you search on the Basic search function you will get the results that can be your perfect match and it is easy to use and less time consuming while searching. But it may take time while you need to search for any one form those results.

That’s why, Advance search is great to use because it gives less results but best refine results. Here, to search you will need to fill a long format because the results will be same. It is better than the basic search and old specific interest search because when you search with a specific interest other behaviors may not be good for you or anything else that will not be able to now directly from that person. But you will be able to search a person in advance search mode (POF Search), with your interest that what kind of your partner should be.

To search a match using Advance search function on POF (POF Search), you can follow these steps:

  1. First get signed your POF account in your browser. You can directly sign in for to the Advance search page where you will directly enter to that page. As you enter that advance search page, you will see a long format as told before.
    POF search
  2. You will get these things: I am a, Sort By, Seeking, User Wants children, Age range, Smokes, From, Does drugs, City or Postal Code / Miles, Province, Display Type, Detailed, Minimum Height, Drink, Maximum Height, Users With Children, Religion, Hair Color, Ethnicity, Sign, Pets, Eye color, Search Type, Body Type, Education, Income, Family Orientation, Easygoingness, Self-Confidence, Openness/ People Dependent, Profession, Intent, Marital Status, Personality, Second Language, Do You Own A Car, Ambition and Longest Relationship.
  3. It is not necessary to fill all, you can leave it “Anything” or empty if you don’t want it. If you fill the specific want then the results will be shown with the similar things that can match you because you will be filling those things in your own that how would be your actual match be.
  4. After filling necessary things that you actually want to have in your partner, then you just need to click on the “Go Fishing!” button start searching results. You will get less results but it will be best because you will get the results as you wanted.
  5. You might not get the same results but will get similar results with similar qualities. When you find the match, you need to start contacting or just start a conversation.

After all, you just need to remember to sign out from the device when finish using your account or lending the device to someone else. Hope you enjoyed the POF Search features. Enjoy POF Dating.