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How To Edit POF Profile Picture

Plenty of Fish Profile Picture – How To Edit POF Profile Picture

POF is one of the most popular dating site where people meet their mates and fall in love. This site is mostly used by single person who are searching for their partners. This dating app will help you to find your perfect match. To enjoy this site you must have POF (Plenty Of Fish) account. If you have POF account but you don’t know how to edit POF profile picture, then we are here to help you.

Confused!!! How to edit POF profile picture? Here are the steps on how to edit POF profile picture which is give below:

  1. Open the URL and enter https://www.pof.com/.
  2. Enter your correct email and password properly so that you can login to POF account.
  3. Your POF account will appear on your screen click on “My Profile” which is in the top of the page just to the right side of the “My Tokens”.
    Edit POF Profile Picture
  4. Then click on Upload Images.
  5. Select any one option how would you like to upload images From Facebook or Upload Images.
  6. We are going through Upload Images so click on it which is in green color box.
  7. Select the picture which you want to upload.
  8. You can add the captions as well so you can describe about what you feel about the picture.
  9. Click on save which is in green color box after that select the option of main image so that everyone can view your profile picture.
  10. Your picture is uploaded to your account.

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So, these were the steps on how to edit POF profile picture which are easy and quick to use. If you have any confusion with the steps provided here, you can come to comment section below. We will reply and try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Have a great day!

Also, watch this video tutorial on “How To Edit Your POF Profile”:

10 Mistakes People Make With Their Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos

10 Mistakes People Make With Their (POF) Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos

PlentyOfFish (POF) is an online dating site which is very popular in many countries. This is so popular that POF is available in different links for different area. It makes the surfing reliable accordingly to area. When you have an account, and searching of for a match then your Plenty Of Fish profile should look good and the first impression is from the photos. Here are 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos.

10 Mistakes People Make With Their Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos :

  1. What is the use of a photo in your profile that doesn’t include yourself? So, many of the people done this silly mistake to make their profile good but actually, this is the site where a person creates account to find a match, not an art or pet or any travel photos. You can post a photo that includes you with your pets or anything else like art. The same principle applies to Plenty Of Fish profile.
  2. Posting too less or too many photos in your profile is not and good idea because variety is everything. A one photo that shows one variety or aspect of yourself. So, it better to upload 4-6 photos with different aspects showing of yourself.
  3. Not changing photo in time or not posting a latest photo is one of the biggest mistake you are doing. A photo of yours that actually can’t be said it is yours because that photo is too old that the person that’s you isn’t being recognized. So, you should change your photo time to time with your latest photos where you are recognizable.
  4. Not posting photos with a caption is a mistake while making people guess who in your photos is more frustrating. It is sure that group photos can make you look like you have friends, but your date doesn’t need to see your whole buffalo group.
    10 Mistakes People Make With Their Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos
  5. Using artistic photos where you edit your photo or show your art and skill through photos where you are not being recognizable. Then in those cases, opposite match go for finding next one who is better and fun.
  6. Photos that are too small, blurry or taken from a far distance is not a good idea to post in dating profile. The quality of your photo is important. It shows you’ve put time into capturing some great photos and showing your interest.
  7. Selfies are not so bad until you have some like a friend or a stranger near to take that photo of you rather than standing in front of your bathroom mirror and posting the same mirror-selfie.
  8. Using stiff, staged portraits or modeling photos in a profile photo of modeling. Are often lifeless and make people question- Do you really look like this in real life like you do in the photos. If not then avoid. Hence, this might be another important term for Plenty Of Fish profile as well.
  9. Photos with sunglasses. Take off the sunglasses so people can actually see how beautiful your eyes are.
  10. Lost somewhere. Online dating photos should never be too serious without smiling or lost in your own thoughts. Smiling is extremely attractive. Show off those pearly whites or even yellow. But be true to your photos as well.

These are the common 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Plenty Of Fish Profile Photos.There may be many mistakes that a person can make in these dating sites photos. A good photo is always recommended. Check for your own mistakes and correct it as well.