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POF Cam Activation

Plenty of fish allows their members to chat through video to your match. For video chat, first you need to activate the POF cam to make a video call. Firstly, you need to know how to activate the POF cam. To ensure that the webcam is working properly so the users you are interacting with can see your face. If you want to know how to activate the POF cam, you can find out on how to do in this article.

Please follow these steps in this article for the POF Cam Activation:

  • Press the windows/start button on your computer and search for webcam or camera in the search bar(latest versions of windows don’t need press any button, there is a search icon beside your windows icon to the bottom left corner).
    POF Cam Activation
    Once the list is displayed, choose the camera you want to use for plenty of fish for video chat.
  • If this method didn’t worked for you. You can go manually to the webcam setting. Firstly, go to the search bar and search for control panel and click on it.
  • Select the hardware and sound, and open the device manager and double click on camera button during the call or check options in “video settings” of plenty of fish site. It also works with external/installed camera. If the webcam is detected, it means pof cam activation is successful and you can start video chat.

    POF Cam Activation
    POF Cam Activation
  • Furthermore, make sure to always click on “allow” button on your browser whenever you try to make a video call on plenty of fish site. Most of the times it detects camera automatically, you just have to click allow on your browser. In that case, you can just skip all these steps.

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(If these steps does not work for you, then you might have a hardware problem. Check if you have the processor that is not fully Pentium 4 compatible. The camera will not be detected, even if it might work somewhere else).

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Is POF safe? | Is PlenTyOfFish the Right Dating Site For You?

POF means PlentyOfFish which is an online dating service. It is available in nine languages. It is mostly popular in the countries like Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States. We can say that PlentyOfFish is easily the biggest of the top dating sites in the world. PlentyofFish has about three million users worldwide and is completely free to use. Today we will guide you on “is POF safe?”.

Is POF safe or not?

is POF safe

Now, we all know about POF and here we will talk about whether POF is safe or not. According to the various News reports, POF is revealed as the most dangerous dating site in Britain. The investigation linked hundreds of rape, violent assault, stalking, blackmail and child grooming cases to POF. Among the most popular apps, Plenty of Fish accounted for 56% of all crimes reported. The crimes include attempted murder, grooming, rape, sexual assault, sexual activity with children, sending indecent images, blackmail, robbery and others.

is pof safe

Source: THE SUN

             On Trustpilot, Pof.com has only one star rating with numbers of complaints and on Consumeraffairs it has a two star rating. PlentyOfFish does not give its members the facility or the power to block other members from visiting and seeing their profile. And there is nothing that a member can do when other members get out of hand. Creating an account on POF is really easy but on the other hand deleting that account is hard. PlentyOfFish revolves round in this scenario: member signs up, member sets up profile, member gets tired of PlentyOfFish and then tries to delete their profile, POF website allegedly gives them a bogus error message, PlentyOfFish customer services does not respond to help messages and complaints, and member smolders with hatred. In many cases, members with paid subscription who are unable to close their profiles or accounts can only just watch helplessly as POF withdraws money from their accounts again and again. PlentyOfFish has a history of sending people spam messages even though they have never ever registered with them. These are some issues regarding safety in POF.

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Safety measures by POF

To solve the safety issues and for the safety of the members POF has also taken some measures. According to POF, they do not compromise with the privacy of their members. They tries to keep their members data and information safe. They assure that the necessary information they take form their members is not misused. They only use the information to create the account, to work on the transactions, to provide customer support and help, to communicate with the members to talk about services, billings and others. They use to data and information to build connection and to show the profiles to other members. They also take care and use information to prevent, detect and fight fraud or other illegal or unauthorized activities. POF shares the information with limited people and for things like other users, service providers and partners, other match group businesses, for corporate transactions, to enforce legal rights, when required by law and when requested by oneself. POF has given the members some rights also like, accessing and updating tools in the service, deleting the account, reviewing their information, updating information and others. For the members, the date safety measures is also provided in their site by POF to make the POF safe for the users.

After reading these all we can say that whether POF is safe or not. There’s a lot of safety issues, not only in POF but almost all dating apps. First, the safety of oneself should be considered and safety measures should be applied while using these types of apps.

How To Edit POF Profile Picture

Plenty of Fish Profile Picture – How To Edit POF Profile Picture

POF is one of the most popular dating site where people meet their mates and fall in love. This site is mostly used by single person who are searching for their partners. This dating app will help you to find your perfect match. To enjoy this site you must have POF (Plenty Of Fish) account. If you have POF account but you don’t know how to edit POF profile picture, then we are here to help you.

Confused!!! How to edit POF profile picture? Here are the steps on how to edit POF profile picture which is give below:

  1. Open the URL and enter https://www.pof.com/.
  2. Enter your correct email and password properly so that you can login to POF account.
  3. Your POF account will appear on your screen click on “My Profile” which is in the top of the page just to the right side of the “My Tokens”.
    Edit POF Profile Picture
  4. Then click on Upload Images.
  5. Select any one option how would you like to upload images From Facebook or Upload Images.
  6. We are going through Upload Images so click on it which is in green color box.
  7. Select the picture which you want to upload.
  8. You can add the captions as well so you can describe about what you feel about the picture.
  9. Click on save which is in green color box after that select the option of main image so that everyone can view your profile picture.
  10. Your picture is uploaded to your account.

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So, these were the steps on how to edit POF profile picture which are easy and quick to use. If you have any confusion with the steps provided here, you can come to comment section below. We will reply and try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Have a great day!

Also, watch this video tutorial on “How To Edit Your POF Profile”: