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How To Change Age On POF (PlentyOfFish)

How To Change Age On POF (PlentyOfFish)

PlentyOfFish (POF) is an online dating site. Many of people are using this online dating website to date, make friends, and chat with unknown and new person. Every dating site has messaging feature. So, this site has also messaging. And every dating site takes the users information. Where age is also available. You will need to change your age time to time according to real age.  Within two weeks of the account sign up, you can change age on POF. Otherwise you will not be able to change.

To change age on POF, you need to login first. To login, you can follow these steps:

  1. You need to open browser on your PC and search for POF website on google to log in your account. Or you can click on this http://www.pof.com/ link to open home page of POF.
  2. You need to login by entering your user name or email address on the first blanks and password on the second blank respectively. After you enter both username and password, you need to click on “Check Mail!” in order to login.

After you finish signing in, here are the steps to change age on POF:

  1. You will see a navigation bar with My Tokens, My Profile, Edit Profile, Help and Logout. There you need to scroll down and click on Edit Profile.
    change age on POF
  2. There you will see “Essential Information” section where you can change your Birthday and Gender.
  3. After that, you will change and finish changing, you need to click on “Update Registration”. This will update your changes. By changing birthday, your age will be changed.
  4. You want to change this only if you made mistake in your details. After changing, you can go to, your View Profile to check if your changes is saved or not. If the changes are not saved, you can re-change and re-save it.

This is how you can change age on POF account. You need to remember to sign out before leaving your device or lending to others.