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Avoid Being Catfished on POF

Catfished on POF:

A catfish is a form of fake persona that someone adopts to lure people into a relationship mostly to scam money. They are also referred to as “trolls” as some cases involve them just using fake accounts to troll people. It could be quite annoying to be catfished into a relationship as you take the relationship quite seriously while the person on the other end might just be trolling and making fun of you, or on a serious end, might be out to scam your money. Today we will discuss this important topic called “Catfished on POF”.

Avoid Being Catfished on POF1

As POF is a free site and has increased its popularity, plenty of catfish get attracted to it as well and identifying them all is not possible. So it also falls on the users’ hands to not get caught into scams. There are multiple ways to void being catfished on POF.

Avoid Being Catfished on POF by knowing these things:

Avoid Being Catfished on POF2

  • The common way to identify a catfish is by the way they profile them. Their background story might seem farfetched and they use Advanced-fee scams (Nigerian Prince Scam, Spanish Prisoner scam, etc.)
  • They might ask you for money and by using a third party so the money can never be traced.
  • They tend to avoid having a real conversation like voice or video chats as they can easily be exposed with the false identity.
  • Your instincts play a vital role as it is you who chooses to either believe the person on the other end or not.
  • Always do a proper background check or search their personal photos using sites like tinyeye.com to reverse search those photos, or Social Catfish provides a People Search facility to search for the person and find their data.
  • The site itself has set a few boundaries to help users avoid unwanted message spam.
  • Their pictures might seem out of date(the quality, clothing, etc.), they might try to take you to some other media by providing you a link to other sites, get your emotional and ask for money etc.

So, these are all about the Catfished on POF. By knowing these terms, you can avoid being Catfished on POF.