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There are plenty of POF features that you can enjoy anytime you like. We will be discussing the useful terms and all the updated news here, so stay tuned.

PlentyOfFish App And Features (POF)

PlentyOfFish (POF) is popular online dating site that is available in mobile phones also. It is not available all the country and regions. If it is available then you can download from the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. In case you can’t download from those stores then you can download the APK file and install it on your phone to enjoy PlentyOfFish app and features.

PlentyOfFish App and Features

APK document approaches a file layout and stands for Android Package Kit. Android Package Kit (APK) utilized by Android running device for distribution and set up of mobile apps and middleware. APK documents are analogous to other software program application applications along with APPX in Microsoft home windows.

After installation and logging in your account, you will just need to know the features of it and use it. The features (PlentyOfFish app and features) are:

  1. Messages: First thing you will see after logging your account is messages. Messages is the most important thing in dating site. Messages is the first step to dating a person and start a conversation. You will get the messages icon in the screen which you need to tap on. You will get two tabs: Inbox and sent. You can send more messages to others that you think you can match up. For that, you need to into that profile and click on the send messages button and then type the message you want to send and send it instantly. You can send the message as priority also.
  2. Search: Search is another feature of the POF app (PlentyOfFish app and features) where you can search for the particular person or with similar things. If you find the exact person to start a conversation or date then you can send message. You can set it as priority. You will also get the refine search button where you can edit the requirements and search for the perfect match.
  3. Nearby: You get another feature i.e. “Nearby”. This feature has the location icon which means you can see for the users that are near to you. If you want to date a user of POF that is near to you then you can use this function where it takes your location of device.
  4. My Matches: This is not the feature but place where you can see the matches you have with other user. You can view profile from here of the user that can be your match. Or you had connected with him/ her at past.
  5. Viewed Me: you get another icon that is of binoculars which is the feature “Viewed Me”. If you tap on that icon then, you can see the user’s profile who have view your account at past. There you can check them when they were online and even the profile. You can also check when they viewed your account.
  6. Meet Me: This feature (PlentyOfFish app and features) is to meet the match that you think you are ready to date seriously. You need to get the “Yes” from the opposite user to meet up and talk in real. This feature also important in this dating app.
  7. Profile: It is the feature that every sites and app has and that is viewing your own profile. You can tap on the head icon to view your profile and make changes that can be changed according to time.
  8. Favorites: This section is where you can find everyone you added as your favorites. Inside this, you can even check from whom you have been favorite and if you like it then you can start a conversation.
  9. Notification Alert: In the top bar, you will see a bell icon which is the notification. You can your notification there and get updated time to time.
  10. The settings: You will get a three dot icon in the top right corner of the screen where you can see the drop down options if you tap. There you need to choose the settings option and you can log out from that screen and change other things of notification and alert settings.

These are the features of the POF mobile app (PlentyOfFish app and features) and there may be more features that you can use it for your own sake.

How To Enjoy Plenty Of Fish Instant Messenger

Plenty of Fish (POF) is a free online dating site. PlentyOfFish (POF) is an INTERNET dating agency, well-known on the complete international locations- Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. It is available in 9 languages. Its headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada.  It is a matchmaking service for singles. It is the best online dating conversation. Besides all you can enjoy Plenty Of Fish Instant Messenger feature as well.

Steps to use Plenty Of Fish Instant Messenger:

  1. First you have to open your browser that you have installed in your device. Then you have to go to ‘’ and search ‘Plenty Of Fish’. Or you can go to this URL to open your plenty of fish page directly. It is the easiest way to open your page.
  2. Once its load at first step you have to enter your ‘Username / Email’. You have to enter your correct email address or your username. If your ‘Username/Email’ is wrong then you will able to open your plenty of fish id.
    Plenty Of Fish Instant Messenger
  3. After entering your username or email then you have to enter your password to login your plenty of fish account. To login your account you have to enter your accurate password. In case you forgot your password then click on forgot password to reset your password and you will get a new password.
  4. After entering your password click on ‘Check mail’ or press enter key.
  5. To send messages using Plenty Of Fish Instant Messenger, click on ‘Sent Msg’ under the blue bar. In sent message there is the messages that you had sent recently. In contact history there is history to contact.
  6. Click on messages to send messages. Scroll down and you have to click on ‘Write better messages’ and after that click on the profile that you want to message.

Once its open, scroll down there is a messages typing box (Plenty Of Fish Instant Messenger BOx) at the bottom of your page. You have type your messages at the blank space. After typing your messages click on ‘Send Quick messages’ to send your messages to other. Like you will able to send your messages.

How To Change Location On PlentyOfFish (POF) Dating Site

When you create your PlentyOfFish (POF) account while you were in the one area and then you are now in another area then it is better to change location on PlentyOfFish profile.

For that you need to login first. So, you can follow these steps to change location on PlentyOfFish:

  1. First of all, open your browser and open a search engine that you use the most. Or simply open the most popular search engine that is Google. In Google, you can search for the POF login where you will get numerous results for it.
  2. As you open the genuine page for the POF Sign In page, you just need to enter your Username or Email address in the first blank and Password in the second blank respectively.
    Change Location on PlentyOfFish
  3. After filling both blanks with respective data, you need to click on the “Check Mail!” button to get signed in. this will make you sign in easily.

After that you need to follow these steps to change location on PlentyOfFish of your profile:

  1. On the home page, you will see some navigation bars. The top navigation bar, you will see “Edit Profile” button which you need to click on. Then a page will open where you will get your profile details that can be edited.
  2. You will get many sections and tab. to make it easy for you, you should check for “The Basics” section having different basic details. In the right side, you will see your location and that can be changed.
    Change location on PlentyOfFish
  3. You should enter and choose the current city name and as well as state also if in another state. You will get the Postal Code area where you will need to change it if the area that you are at now living has the different one.
  4. Similarly, you can change many things here from your details if needed. Then after all, you need to scroll down to the bottom and then save the changes as well. Other your changes will not be saved.

Then you can use your profile with a new location after this. Remember to sign out in every logins. Hence by this way you can change location on PlentyOfFish. Enjoy dating.