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How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish Search Settings

Plenty of fish (POF) is a free online dating site which was launched in 2003 and it is very popular in the countries like USA, Australia and Canada and it is available in 9 different languages. In a POF we can search different compatible single people who are living in a close distance.

Change search settings on a plenty of fish

It is free to search the different single people in the plenty of fish. After the creation of the profile you will be asked to fill up many information about your marital status, your smoking habits, drinking habits, your current profession etc.  we can change search settings on a plenty of fish to find the better match for ourselves.

Basic search on a plenty of fish

  • To search the other pof users we can change search settings in the basic search
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • If you are searching for a people between 18 to 35 you have to vary the age gap by age 18 to 35.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • You can enter the intent to come into this site, what kind of body type you prefer of your partner and what educational qualification she must have all can be changed in the basic search.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • You can also choose the ethnicity, country, zone, city, postal code of your own likes to get the partner of your choice.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • Dating partner must be staying in a closer distance so you should choose the desired miles of your partner from the search settings.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish

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Advanced search on a plenty of fish

  • If we are not getting a good compatible partner just by the basic search we can go for the advanced search which will go for finer details of what kind of partner you really want.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • In advanced search we will get to know the dating partner better because it will ask information about appearances, behavior, preferences, family background etc.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • Height boundary, pets preference, family background, confidence level, profession, ambition in life, marital status can be filled to find the better dating partner.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • User can search on the basis of smoking and drinking habit, face and body appearances, income and personality.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish
  • If you want know the your probable dating partner more you can fill about longest relationship, openness , income, signs, color or hair and eye and get the better option while the search.
  • After you fill all the details from the advanced search you can go for the fishing in the plenty of sea.
    How To Change Search Settings on a Plenty of Fish

Hope you get the better fish from the plenty of fish after you change the search settings on plenty of fish.

PlentyOfFish (POF) Chat. How To Use It?

PlentyOfFish (POF) Chat. How To Use It?

PlentyOfFish (POF) is very popular dating site and is available in mobile apps as well. Mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. POF chat means chatting with an online person on POF. Normally, people take messages/ inbox as the chat but it is not really that. To check for the “PlentyOfFish (POF) Chat. How To Use It?”, you will need to follow some steps.

Below are the steps for ” chatting in PlentyOfFish (POF chat)”:

  1. You need to open your browser and open any search engine that is familiar to your. You can open google because it most familiar to everyone. To open google, you can click on this In google, you can search for POF login where you will get various results.
    POF Chat
  2. So, you can click on this link to open the login page of POF. In that page, you will see many things which is not necessary. You will also see a login fill up form tab in right side. There you need to enter your email address or username in first blank and password in second blank respectively.
  3. Then you can click on “Check Mail!” text button in order to access your account.

Watch Video Tutorial on “How To Send Messages From POF Account”:

After you login, you can follow these steps to use PlentyOfFish (POF) Chat:

  1. When you sign in the first page of your home page has some navigation bars. The second bar has the “Online” tab where you can click to open the online page. In the online page, you will see some people that are online and even offline. The profile photo will be shown.
  2. Profiles that you normally chat will be the first priorities even they are offline. You can check who is online or not by seeing the green small circle beside the name of the person. If there is green dot then he/ she is online and if not then take it as offline.
  3. You can message that person, if he/ she gives you an instant reply message then it will be chat otherwise if you need to wait for the reply then it will turn to be message.

If you are the user of the POF then you should know the difference of Message and chat. Then you will be easy with your messages and chat. You need to remember to sign out of the device after finish using it or lending it to someone else. Hence, you can follow the exact steps given for “PlentyOfFish (POF) Chat. How To Use It?”. Enjoy POF chat.

Plenty Of Fish UK Search Without Registering

Plenty Of Fish UK Search Without Registering | POF UK

POF is an online dating site where you can find your partner and in pof a user safety is a priority. We know that meeting someone for the first time whether it is on online or on an outing is intriguing and exciting. Do you know that you can go for Plenty Of Fish UK search without registering, and on the same topic, we will guide you here.

The following are the steps in order to search in plenty of fish UK search without registering which is mentioned below:

  • First of all you need to open browser and the go to this link directly and then there you can see search button in the search button which you can see in the navbar.
  • Now you need to click in the search button which is located in between two buttons: “Meet Me” and “Online” buttons.
    Plenty Of Fish UK Search
  • When you click in search button in a next page when it will be open there you can see three options they are of “Basic Search”, “Advance Search” and “Username Search”.
  • When you click in basic search here you need to select your all the basic search of people in drop down list as a male or female, their age range, profiles, ethnicity, body type, education level and so on.
  • And here you can click in “search” button which has blue color background and the text color is written with white one.
  • Click on the “Advanced Search” tab there you have to choose the options in a drop down lists and you need to choose the attributes which you wish to search for gender, profession, self-confidence, Family orientation, Personality, Intentions, Openness, Ambition, Marital status, Easygoingness, Longest relationship, Drinking, Drugs and many more.
  • Then after finishing all you just need to click on “Go Fishing” button which has the light green color background of it.
  • When you click in username search there you can search a person by their username in a pof account and click in the “Find user” button.
  • At last finally you can search your partner as per your choice and interest in it.

The people who have pof account and their username in Pof account help you to search a person. People can keep different username in Pof account than their real name too.